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About Us

Welcome to Leyland Curtain Centre.com We hope you enjoy browsing through our online store.

We are a well established high street store having been supplying curtains, blinds and a variety of soft furnishings, established since 1989. Being a family run business means we have never lost sight of what our customers want. You receive individual attention whether calling into our store or shopping online. Our customers return time and again as we hope you will.

READY MADE CURTAINS are standard sizes and if you have a standard window that's fine BUT, most people don't, so we offer an ALTERATION SERVICE and this is where we get personal. WE CAN ALTER STANDARD SIZES TO NON STANDARD WINDOWS and hey.........you have bespoke measured curtains. We can get more personal but that's covered under our ALTERATION SERVICE so go on HAVE A LOOK.

We really don't want to loose sight of you the customer so please phone with any questions and don't forget to ask about alterations.

You can also email with any questions and we will do our best to answer you immediately.

Last but not least WE WILL MAKE UP YOUR CURTAINS IN YOUR OWN FABRIC. Just CHECK OUT OUR ALTERATION SERVICE and if the answer you need isn't there then RING, FAX or e-mail.

Buying curtains should be enjoyable. If we do it together then IT WILL BE RIGHT and you will certainly enjoy looking at your new soft furnishings.

Kind Regards
Liz Sharkey

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